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Deliver your business strategy with Smith Technology Group. We realign businesses for innovation with a proven track record of high-performance expertise. Smith Technology Group optimizes fragmented processes which tend to slow growth and impede vision. Positioned squarely at the intersection of business and IT consultation, we help sketch the map and build the Road to Success!

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Hourly charges can drown a business that is taking flight. Many IT firms pledge resources, but hide costs, and your software can suffer if not properly tested and fine-tuned. With Smith Technology Group, it’s not done until it’s done right.

Pay for the solution, not the time!


Work faster, scale quicker, and be nimble in every way with our Cloud solutions.

When you consider the challenges that your company faces in a competitive environment ever spurred by innovation, the quality of IT infrastructure becomes essential. At the same time, it must remain nimble. Reduce IT expenditures, increase agility, and minimize operational issues – all by bringing your business to the Cloud.

Our team of Amazon Web Services-certified experts can tailor-fit a public, private, or hybrid cloud to mobilize your workforce. We will take the latest technologies and blend them to create the exact cloud infrastructure which will best accommodate your company’s needs today, and anticipate the needs you will encounter as you grow.

Our goal is to create a truly superior cloud solution so that nothing can hold back the growth of your business, and you’ll have everything you need to support it.

Accommodate the needs of today – Anticipate the needs of tomorrow!


You come to us with a vision for your company. Our job is to design an IT solution which will be perfectly tuned to your business objectives and needs, and position your company to soar from where it is today to where you want it to be next week, next month, and next year.

First we will identify where you currently are, assess where you are headed, and determine what needs to be done to get you there. We prepare a blueprint which is structured to produce the results you envision. Our blueprint will not only enable you to get where you’re going, but it will also have you ready for all contingencies once you get there. With your vision in mind, we will address issues before they appear, connect the most relevant technologies to strategically nurture your growth, and add value to your brand in the process. Furthermore, at every turn in the road, we take every detail into account, and make every effort to keep your IT costs under control and guarantee results.


It takes experience to discover, for any given context, which Minimum Viable Product is best suited to your needs. It also involves market analysis.

With over quarter of a century of experience in working with and developing software, we are not only able to bring a product vision to life, but we also know how to create the most viable product with the most modest amount of resources.

By reducing wasted engineering hours, we are able to bring your idea to early adopters very early in the process. This allows us to get it right the first time, delivering a solution which is scalable, secure, and whose functionality is optimized. We guarantee that your product will be viable, and that the cost of development will never exceed the amount of resources you have allocated.

The result is always a minimum risk and the highest chance to succeed.

Fractional CTO/
Lead Architect

A full-time Chief Technology Officer or Lead Software Architect does not make sense for every company. For this reason, Smith Technology Group offers Fractional CTO services to fit your unique needs on an interim basis. Be it a week, a month, or a long-term engagement, we step in to deliver the leadership you need, and build a team in place.

If you already have a team, we will be happy to provide strong leadership as we join forces with them to get your product out the door. We’ll get to know the tech challenges and market opportunities which characterize your business, set priorities, evaluate new technologies, and balance all the needs in order to get the most value from the team.

We’ll set proper accents in your roadmap and walk the walk by proactively addressing challenges and points of pain, while taking advantage of opportunities. With Smith Technology Group, you get a realistic and rational leader on an interim basis, outstandingly productive and committed to your company.


Unlike most technology assistance services, we can accept equity in lieu of our work. We believe that being vested in your company helps shape a brighter future for it.

In order to take your business idea to the next level, we’ll surround it with a proper technology environment. An environment which enables you to safely take risks and learn new methods to succeed. We’ll provide significant knowledge transfer and links to strategic technology partners, as well as access to network and computing resources. All while safeguarding the security of your trade secrets.

We hope you will allow us to apply our expertise as we point out the safest route from cherishing an idea to bringing your enterprise into full maturity. Our goal is to dramatically increase the chances for your startup to survive, accelerate its growth, and put your brand on a path to making a difference in your market.

Please contact us to find out if your startup qualifies for our incubation service.

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